V is for the Value of a College Degree

V is for the Value of a College Degree

Value of College Diploma

Yet, many graduates, diploma in hand, return home to live with their parents with no immediate employment opportunities on the horizon. We now have historic highs of unemployment among college graduates along with huge outstanding student loan debts.

So where is the value in a college degree?  Education of any kind brings with it knowledge and empowerment. Empowerment leads way to self esteem, and this in itself is a value to any human.

Does the choice of school affect employment eligibility in the future?  The fact is, yes!  When choosing a college make sure to calculate the return on your investment. Where you go to school does matter to your bank account later in life. Websites like The U.S Education Department’s College Scorecard  and collegerealitycheck.com  may help you when comparing the return on college tuition.

Keep in mind that future employers want more than a college degree. They are looking for involvement in your desired field, whether it is a paid or a volunteer position. Work experience and a college degree go hand–in–hand and provide you with beneficial lessons. It will help you get in touch with your strengths and weaknesses, making you a valuable asset to potential employers.

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