V is for Should You Verify Your Social Media

V is for Should You Verify Your Social Media

A verified social media account seems like it should be reserved for celebrities. But if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or creating a personal brand, it may be time to start thinking about verifying your social media account. 

The little blue checkmark seen beside “important people” on social media can represent many things. It can mean a certain reputation, mainly one in the public eye. Or even a level of respect. But in reality, that little blue check mark means authenticity, which can be the difference between knowing if an account is fake or real.

The Benefits of Verifying Your Accounts

A verified account proves your authenticity as a business owner, leader, or influencer. While gaining that little blue checkmark has become more accessible over the years, seeing one next to a person or business means they are legitimate and maybe even important. Unfortunately, many accounts these days are fake, so if you want to run a successful business and have a social media following, this will help others know you are real.

Having a verified account builds trust between you and those viewing your page. For example, if someone wants to order something from two similar businesses, one is verified, and the other isn’t, they will most likely go with the verified business. This also helps when you are networking through social media. Your account will be more widely received and shareable with that little blue checkmark. In addition, people you don’t personally know will trust that you or your business are worth following.

The process of getting verified differs depending on the type of social media, and it tends to change from time to time. Having proof of your business or press can aid in getting a verification. Also, proof of identity may be needed for a personal account. But going through this trouble can help elevate your business and personal brand in our fast-paced world. It may also help you build up your brand more successfully.


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