U is for Upgrading Your Technology the Smart Way

U is for Upgrading Your Technology the Smart Way

Technology is continuing to expand rapidly. Combined with our consumer centric economy, it can be easy to be swept up in purchasing a new device every time a new one comes out. This can be tempting, as technology has gotten more affordable over the years. But just because something is fun and new doesn’t mean you need to break the bank buying it.

Buying a new device, whether that be a cell phone, computer, or gaming system, each time a new model comes out can add up and become very expensive over time. Especially if you aren’t in need of a new device or on a tight budget. Not to mention that buying unnecessary products can be environmentally wasteful. Phones and computers often have batteries that are difficult to recycle.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy the latest device:

Evaluate your needs

Before you buy, decide what you need new technology for. If you are using advanced software for work projects or gaming, it could be a good idea to upgrade regularly. If you are just using your laptop to watch movies and browse the internet, you probably can get away with using an older and less technical device. Most of us fall in between. So make sure to have a list of what is absolutely necessary before you start shopping.

Update your current device.

Sometimes, we think things are broken when they just need a little TLC. Try updating your software and cleaning out your system and memory. You may even want to try to call the company to see if there are any ways you can enhance or optimize your current device rather than buying new!

Find a good deal.

Since we know there will be a new device around the corner, try to shop around to find the best deal. If you can wait until a seasonal sale or until your phone is eligible for an upgrade through your carrier you can often find a better deal. If you can’t wait, look into refurbished phones and computers, or even try to buy second hand.

No matter if you are waiting in line for the newest iPhone or are still enjoying your flip phone from years ago, technology is a necessary part of our everyday lives. It is important to have devices that work for your needs and your budget. Shop smart and be mindful of what you truly need when upgrading your technology.


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