U is for Update and Upgrade to a Unique Wardrobe without going Broke

U is for Update and Upgrade to a Unique Wardrobe without going Broke

update and upgrade to a unique

If we are lucky enough to find ourselves among the fortunate, we may have a job we love, which in turn helps us strive to be our best self, in our achievements and with our  self-representation. In other words, we want to work hard and look our best! However, the job we love may not always provide a paycheck which allows for a whole new wardrobe each season.

So how can we love our job, be our best self and have the proper wardrobe without going broke? Try using some of these helpful savings ideas:

Take an inventory of what you do have in your closet, do you have the basics? If not start adding these first.

Create a budget that allows for a few wardrobe updates each season.

Try, shopping at the end of each season, this is when you can find the best deals. You can easily shop for the basics at this time, essential pieces tend to stay in style and can easily sit in your closet until next season.

Try adding new shoes, a bag, and a few accessories; this alone can change the look and feel of old over worn attire giving them a refreshing new look.

Spend some time on and with you clothing – Have a “try-on session” and create different combinations and layering techniques in ways you never have before, you may be pleasantly surprised at all the new fun outfits you now have at your disposal. The best news, you didn’t spend a dime. If creative fashion isn’t your thing, check out a few websites that can help guide you or peruse Pinterest for ideas, keep in mind the pieces you already have and look for some exciting new elements to incorporate with the old.

Shop Consignment or Thrift Shops – You may or may not like the idea of sorting through someone else’s castaways hoping to find a buried treasure, but have you considered the savings to be found? I’ve been told that “thrifting connoisseurs’ ” incorporate knowledge and strategies, like knowing your labels, the quality of fabric, stitching quality and how to find the location of the higher quality donation centers. Do your homework and you may find thrifting a new favorite pass time.

Swap your clothes! Don’t Sell! – It’s best to take the store credit; most stores will give you a small amount of cash or a much larger credit in their shop. What a great value when you are looking to update your wardrobe. So go ahead and swap the old for some new fun items.

Borrow and Lend – this works perfect due to those previous important events when we tend to spend way too much,  looking for that perfect dress. You know, the one we all prefer never to wear it again. So why not borrow from a friend and return the favor with a share. Helpful friend tip, always return the dress freshly dry cleaned.

Updating and upgrading your wardrobe doesn’t have cost a fortune. You can make the most of the sales, swapping, getting creative and using some ingenuity to create new fashion looks without breaking the bank.

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