T is for to Tip or Not to Tip?

T is for to Tip or Not to Tip?

tip or no tip


Tipping can be complicated and whether to tip or not isn’t always clear.

The origin of tipping began in the 1700’s in taverns of Europe when drinkers would slip waiters money “to insure promptitude: “T.I.P.  However, throughout history tipping has become a complex issue.
Wait staff, cab drivers, hair stylist, bell hops, house keepers, massage therapist, tour guides, concierge…the list goes on…so who, where, when and how much to T.I.P. has become a confusing issue for many.

There are rules for tipping, charts and even apps that can be used to help resolve the confusion. Part of our American value system has made tipping a necessary effort to assist the “below minimum hourly wage earner”.  But if we would follow the lead of our European friends, we could stop the madness by providing all workers with a decent living wage making what the French say “Le conseil est inclus ” – (the tip is included in the price) applicable here.

Since this may never happen here, we may wish to follow the consensus that when a service is provided, and that service is above average, or even average, a T.I.P is provided to compliment the service. Tipping is not mandatory but keep in mind; there are some who depend on tips to supplement their wage which is below the minimum hourly wage.

Tipping is a personal preference based on satisfactory service, with percentage norms. But the guidelines on who, when or where is typically decided case by case – let your conscience be your guide.

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