T is for Taking the Sting Out Of Your Divorce

T is for Taking the Sting Out Of Your Divorce

taking the sting out of divorce

Getting through a divorce is a devastating hardship that can feel like a sharp sting to your heart and soul. But some good practices can help you take the sting our of your divorce. If you find yourself going through a divorce, whether you initiated it or not, you should seek to diminish the drama as much as possible. Coping with a divorce can be very difficult and avoiding stingy feelings and remarks can help you do proactive things that will help you get through this difficult adjustment.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

You don’t have to go through this by yourself, so don’t be afraid to get outside help if you need it because isolation can lead to increased stress levels, depression, difficulties with decision-making, and your overall well-being. Whether it’s family and friends, a support group, or a good therapist, find someone to share your feelings.

Avoid Disagreements and Quarrels with your Former Spouse

If your conversation turns into an argument, calmly suggest talking at a better time or consider using email or text. But remember, you don’t want your words used against, so stay calm, keep your dignity, and edit before you send.

Nurture the Relationships of your Children and Your ex

Foster a healthy relationship between your children and their other parent, make them feel safe and loved by both parents. They don’t want to hear nasty stinging comments about either of their parents. When you put your children’s needs ahead of your own, you will find co-parenting to be more comfortable going forward.

Hire an Honest and Straightforward Attorney 

You want your attorney to be clear about the process and give you all the information you need to make informed decisions. Together you should create a realistic plan of action and let your attorney implement an execute your plan.

Keep Your Positive Friendships

You may find you lose some friends, and this can sting. But know this, your real friends will always be there for you and besides, you can start making new friends as soon as you’re ready.

Stay Emotionally and Physically Fit

Exercise, eat well and start exploring a new interest or make time for old hobbies. Sign up for a class, join a club, volunteer, and start enjoying YOUR life.

Stay Positive

Staying positive may not be easy at first, but it’s better than letting the sting of divorce make you cynical and bitter. Be positive as you explore new activities, meet new people, and create unique family activities. Your hopes and dreams for the future will begin to materialize and, in turn, will help take the sting out of your divorce and provide you with new confidence and optimism for the future.


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