Technology can help you amplify the areas where you already excel. Just ask Ann Zuraw, the founder of Zuraw Financial Advisors, a small firm that focuses on families, women, and entrepreneurs. “You know, some people are connectors—and I’m a connector,” she says. Zuraw has always enjoyed networking, so social networking was an easy extension of her strength. In fact, she built her business on it, cultivating her personal brand and business on social media from her firm’s inception in 2005.
Since then, Zuraw has continued to explore many different channels to discover what works best—from different platforms for online videos to blog content to LinkedIn.
“It’s my goal to educate families and educate kids and educate women, and technology is what enables me to do it all over the country and the world,” Zuraw says. By constantly adapting and trying new online and social channels to reach their clients, Zuraw Financial Advisors embraces a culture of fearlessness and a connection that stems from its founder’s own personal strengths.

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Lessons for your firm

  • Consider your own strengths. For Zuraw, digging into social media was a natural solution. Reflect on your own strengths in technology, and think about how you can translate those to your business.
  • Just get started. It’s not about perfection; it’s about connection. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. If something’s not working, you can always change it later.