S is for Strengthen the Energy of Your Life

S is for Strengthen the Energy of Your Life


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  – Tony Robbins

“It’s the beliefs you have right now that are guiding your actions,” according to Tony Robbins, author, and life coach. He believes that if we can master our beliefs, we can guide our decisions.

It makes sense that our thoughts create our actions, so it would equally make sense that changing our thoughts would thereby change our actions. For thousands of year’s philosopher’s, spiritual guide’s and self-help authors have urged us to see the positive in every aspect of life, but it’s not always easy. Our daily lives are consumed with challenges that make it difficult to stay positive and often allows us to be consumed with dreaded thoughts.

However, we do have the power to change our thoughts and prevent negativity from entering our environment and energy field. When we choose positive emotions during difficult situations, we find ourselves getting through even the worst of times with less difficulty. When we achieve a high level of positive energy we find our physical health, mental health and happiness increase dramatically. So how do we strengthen the energy of our lives and protect ourselves from negative influences such as stress, toxic thoughts, and negative emotions?

When we practice and build a high level of positive thinking into our everyday life, we will create a strong energy field that helps prevent negative thoughts, actions, and words from penetrating our strengthened energy force field.

There are daily, simplistic opportunities that will strengthen the energy of our life. By incorporating these healthy habits into a routine or habit, we can establish a positive, fulfilling journey.

  • Practice Gratitude every morning and send positive thoughts out into the atmosphere.

  • Get the proper amount of sleep each night, this helps restore energy.

  • Exercise regularly by going for a walk, a bike ride or the gym.

  • Eat healthy food, its pure energy.

  • Get out and enjoy nature, it is a powerful healing tool. The sun and air can help restore vitality to the body.

  • Turn off your electronic devices, (television, computer, etc.). When you choose entertainment, try opting for inspiring or fun movies – make it a positive, happy experience.

  • Surround yourself with happy people that make you laugh and want to play. This will raise your energy levels and add pleasure to your life.

  • Love and be loved. Love comes in many forms and will promote patience, empathy, compassion, and kindness. Be sure to love yourself.

When we choose to be mindful of our daily experience, we can choose actions that help strengthen, rather than diminish our life energy. Creating a healthy lifestyle with a renewed purpose can lead us to the life we desire.
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