S is for Smart Students Utilize Free Resources  

S is for Smart Students Utilize Free Resources  

smart students utilize free resources
Most students fail to take full advantage of the free resources their college provides. Yes free!  These abundant, amazing, and free opportunities will be hard to find all in one place when you enter the workforce.  So be a savvy student and learn all you can about these resources and take advantage of them now while you still can


It’s easy to find what specific resources your campus offers, either visit the school office or check your college’s website. You might be surprised to learn college resources don’t stop at helping you academic

ally but include improving your physical and mental well-being as well as provide endless opportunities to have fun and build lasting friendships.

Below are a few examples of what you might find: 

Career center − here you can find your assigned academic advisor who is trained to help you plan and chart an efficient career path.
Counseling center – life at college can become overwhelming at times and stress, anxiety and depressed can present itself but you can seek free counseling at many schools, so go and get some help.
Student Health Center – many campuses offer certain free health and wellness visits, provide examinations, lab test, x-rays and more. Should you need more extensive health care, they can recommend a local medical center.
Fitness center – many of these facilities contain the latest in fitness equipment and many offer classes too. So while you are challenging your mind, dare to give your physical self a challenge too!
Club sports – not everyone is a stellar athlete. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of joining an intramural team. It can be just as rewarding to hone your skills, make friends and have fun.
Student organizations and clubs – take this opportunity to try as many new things as possible. Keep an open mind and let yourself enjoy many rewarding experiences.

Keep an open mind and try something new. You might find you love an activity you never even dreamed of trying. Get involved, utilize many of your college’s resources, make as many friends as possible, and get the most out of your college experience.
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