S is for Smart but Not Getting Hired?

S is for Smart but Not Getting Hired?

Despite having education and experience, many qualified job seekers still have trouble finding employment. Of course, the job market, among many markets, has been volatile over the past few years. But one thing is certain: even with so many open jobs, many still have trouble finding a job, especially in their field.

Some studies link intelligence to not getting hired. Others may blame Covid and other global events. Some may even blame it on things like different generations not fitting into the workforce. But whatever the reason, even those with years of experience are having more difficulty finding a job.

Even if things feel like they are out of your control, you can make a change in your situation. The world may seem too crazy for things to work out for your career. But you can still take matters into your own hands. It may feel like life isn’t the perfect place you had hoped. But in the meantime taking action may be the best way to stay focused. 

What kind of action will help?

You can get a job that has always sparked an interest or a job that will help you make ends meet and get out of the house. This is a great way to close gaps in your resume.

Next, get involved in a volunteer group or project that aligns with your type of work. Not only will you stay practiced in your field, but you will also build skills and relationships you didn’t have before. Also, look for a mentor to support and coach you through this difficult time. 

Finally, focus on your favorite or long-lost hobby. Keeping your brain active and engaged with something you enjoy will keep you going. 

Although the job market may seem tricky right now, there are things you can do to stay focused on your career path. So many people with experience and intelligence get passed over for jobs daily. So don’t despair; with a little effort, the right job will come along. And you may even have a spark of interest that could lead to an entirely new career path.


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