Questions from AZ: What’s Inside Your Purse?

Questions from AZ: What’s Inside Your Purse?

What does your Purse say about you?
The purse is where it all begins—how old were you when you got your first? What did you put in it? Money and makeup?

There has to be a significance in both since if you are given a very small bag to carry the most important items you can think of it—and you choose lipstick and cash.

Why is the purse so important? It is not so much the bag itself, but what is inside it. I believe it is a reflection of both your style and financial status.

Notice how the contents of your purse starts out simple when we are young, but as we age we add more and more things to it. Not just lipstick and cash.

Think how much a designer label can cost—even the fake ones and why is important to have that name—because it implies that you have the taste and money to afford it. What’s in your purse?

Questions from AZ


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