Questions from AZ: What’s inside your purse?

Questions from AZ: What’s inside your purse?

Did you ever wonder where the purse originated from? The purse began as a symbol more than as a fashion accessory. In the 15th century grooms gave their brides wedding purses that were elaborately embroidered with love stories and filled with coins. These symbolized the womb and the hopes that the bride would bear children in the future. So, as far back as we can tell the purse has
been associated with femininity and womanhood.

Over the years the purse has evolved. We now think of it as a must have for carrying our necessary Items, a fashionable accessory, and a sign of our independence.

Although no woman is defined by her purse, a peek inside can give you a glimpse of her life.

What’s in your purse?

Questions from AZ


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