Questions from AZ: What’s inside Your Purse?

Questions from AZ: What’s inside Your Purse?

What’s in your purse does tell quite a lot about your lifestyle and spending habits. Most of these traits have probably been ingrained in you starting at a very young age.

One friend told me that as a very young child, somewhere around 5 years-old, she was given a beautiful tiny purse. Every Sunday she carefully placed the money her parents gave her for the offering safely in her purse. And then carried it proudly to her destination.

She understood, even at a young age, that this purse and what she carried in it was important. Even to this day, every Sunday as she prepares to leave her home and head out to church, she always double-checks to make sure she has her offering-money with her. And then smiles, remembering herself as a child and the wonderful memories it brought back. This is still important to her now. So as an adult, she has always made sure it is included in her financial budget.

Have a story and photo you would like to share about your purse and what it says about you?

Questions from AZ


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