Questions from AZ: Healthcare Power of Attorney

Questions from AZ: Healthcare Power of Attorney

Tennis has always been an important part of who I am. Because of this, I tend to view life as a tennis
match—you just never know what might fly over the net.

As we go through different stages in our lives, most of us try to plan for the unexpected and think we
have ACED it. But sometimes, when so many things are coming at us, things can just fly right by.

My story today’s story is about someone who had just gone through a very nasty divorce. She thought
she had taken care of everything and was prepared to move on with her life. But unexpectedly one
night, she was rushed to the hospital. She was in no condition to make medical decisions regarding her
care. But guess who was able to? Her ex- husband!

In this midst of everything that had gone on, she had completely forgotten to redo her Health Care
Power of Attorney and her Power of Attorney. Now someone that she would not want making any
medical or financial decisions for her had the legal means to do it.

My question today to you: are you ready for the unexpected? The ball is in your court!

Questions from AZ


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