Q is for Quit Taking it Personally!

Q is for Quit Taking it Personally!

Q is for Quit Taking it Personally!


How do we quit taking it personally?

How do we stop absorbing words and phrases that are disappointing or hurtful to our psyche and not allow these words to dictate our reactions and feelings? Especially when these encounters drain our energy, ignite self-doubt and lower our self-esteem?

Let’s start with the realization that each word or phrase spoken to us by another is not about us; it is about the person speaking. Everyone has their own perspective and internal struggle, and most are completely unaware that their own wounds and pain are projected in the comments they make to others.

Keep in mind that many of the words directed at you by others have little or nothing to do with you, but a whole lot to do with the person making the comment. This is why it’s important to learn how to “quit taking it personally”.

We can start by acknowledging words have the power to produce thoughts, both negative and positive. We also need to recognize that we have the power to choose which we will embrace; the negative or the positive.

Once we begin to notice the stories we tell ourselves; we can help improve our self-awareness, and begin to break the habit of “taking things personally” by incorporating some simple practices.

  • When hurtful words are spoken to you, don’t give your power away.

  • Take time to create space between yourself and your reactions.

  • In this space, decide whether these words should be allowed to affect your psyche or ignored.

  • Learn to rely on your own personal convictions rather than outside forces.

You will learn to go beyond taking things personally. And become clear about your essence allowing you to move through life less impacted by external influences.

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