Q is for Quirky Observations that can help you get beyond & through your Divorce

Q is for Quirky Observations that can help you get beyond & through your Divorce

quirky observations that can help you get beyond & through your Divorce

For those of you who have contemplated divorce, are in the midst of sorting through one or have already gone through this life altering ordeal then you know what it’s like to have feelings of resentment, bitterness or betrayal invade your being. Harboring such feelings during and beyond divorce is simply unnecessary, especially when you take the following positive observations into consideration:

Observation No. 1 ─ If you’ going through a divorce you are becoming wiser each day. After all, you’re going to have to figure out where you both failed.
Observation No. 2 ─ You will be doing a lot of learning and self-reflection, be prepared.  It won’t always be pretty but its value will be immeasurable going forward in life.
Observation No. 3 ─ Some of our best learning is done after a failure. You now have the opportunity to learn and discover what it takes to make a relationship work or you are finding you really don’t need a full-time relationship, either way, you’re learning.
Observation No. 4 ─ Part of your learning may include standing up for yourself. You may have discovered that being non-confrontational wasn’t in your best interest. It doesn’t need to be ugly, learning to communicate and negotiating the process can lead to healthy life improvements.
Observation No. 5 ─ You begin to realize there are two sides to every failed relationship. You have your list of grievances and they have their list. Accepting responsibility is part of the growth.
Observation No. 6 ─ You realize that divorce isn’t a bad word, instead, it gives us an opportunity to find the happiness that we deserve.

Hopefully, you’ll grow to realize going through a divorce wasn’t so bad, but the wasted time spent staying in a fail relationship – certainly was not in your best interest.

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