Q is for Quarantine Fatigue and How to Beat It

Q is for Quarantine Fatigue and How to Beat It

Almost a year into our new way of life and many of us are starting to feel tired. Tired of being cooped up. Tired of missing significant life events, tired of the absence of friends and family. Tired of nothing feeling normal. Quarantine fatigue is real, and it is scary. And with the cold and dreary weather looming ahead in the next few months, it feels as if things will worsen before they get better.

But even though there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight anytime soon, there are definitely ways to alleviate some of the quarantine fatigue that we are feeling. Here are a few universal tried and true ways to beat quarantine fatigue.

Stay Healthy

Winter and holiday seasons are generally tricky times to stay healthy. And being quarantined just adds one more layer to that difficulty. But staying healthy is more important than ever right now. Taking care of your physical health during this time will have more benefits to your mental health and overall well being than it usually does. Make it a point to get in all your steps, exercise daily, sleep 7 to 9 hours each night, and eat healthy meals!

Socialize Safely

Spending time with friends and family is imperative to our mental health. And while the levels in which we need human connection are varied, every human can use some form of contact. After all, we are social creatures, and we cannot just stop wanting our needs met because there is a pandemic. But we can socialize safely. We have access to technology in ways we’ve never had before. Celebrate the holidays by cooking a meal together over Zoom. Make time for weekly phone dates with your friends. Or if you must see someone in person, go on a masked walk around the park (staying healthy and socializing safely at the same time!)

Create Structure

When spending more time than usual at home, it is easy for routines to go by the wayside. But sticking with a daily practice or having a similar structure to your days (yes, even on the weekends) can help maintain a sense of normalcy. Waking up at the same time each day is the easiest and most effective way to create structure. Get dressed, even if you are just working from home. And don’t forget to leave work at “work,” even if your “office” is in your living room.

Prioritize Yourself

While the days of starting a new business or joining a club seem like a distant dream, we must not let our fatigue from this new normal get in the way of enjoying life. If you already have a hobby you enjoy, treat yourself to some new gear for the holidays. Or perhaps treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Maybe take yourself on a stay-cation to the nearest National or State Park. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure to prioritize time for you. Taking care of your body and mental health is of utmost importance now more than ever. But if you find yourself struggling with this, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Quarantine fatigue is something that is happening to everyone right now. You are not alone. So lean on your friends, family, and professional support systems in a safe way to get yourself through our prolonged period of cabin fever!


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