Q is for Qualified for the Job? Prove It!

Q is for Qualified for the Job? Prove It!

Searching for a job can be exhausting, involving many steps before you can even apply! But
when you finally find a job you like and feel qualified for, don’t let the excitement overshadow
your qualifications. Knowing that you are qualified for a particular position doesn’t always mean
that your interviewer or the company realizes this. Often, you must prove your qualifications,
even beyond your resume.

The job market can be challenging, and interviews may be intimidating. A good recruiter and
interviewer will be able to see what skills you have and how you will add to the company. But
just matching the qualifications on the job description with your resume won’t guarantee the job.
And frequently, busy recruiters going through many applications aren’t well equipped to read
between the lines. It is your job to prove you’re qualified for the position, even if it is obvious!

Here are a few ways to ensure you’ll get the job:

Update Your Resume Properly

You should constantly tailor your resume to fit the job description you are applying for. So, while
it is essential to have a basic resume on hand for networking or in a pinch, you should revise
that resume for each job you apply for. Yes, it is a lot of work. But this can help your application
not get lost in the virtual pile of applications. And this shows your unique qualifications for the
specific position you are applying for.

Rock the Interview

The interview is your time to shine. It is the point at which you can show your soft skills and
Connecting and having a good time with the interviewer while talking about what
you’ve accomplished in other roles is good to strive for. Resumes need to be short, sweet, and
powerful. But the interview is when you fill in the blanks and give the details. 

Be Upfront

Address any obvious shortcomings and gaps in your employment head-on. For example, if you
use one program but the new position uses its competitor, bring up the similarities you have
mastered. Show that you can learn the new program because you already have the skills
needed. If you have gaps in your employment, talk about your gap year or maternity leave or
time working odd jobs helped you grow into the amazing person you are now. 

Getting a job can be a complex process. But finding out how to do it well can ensure that you
will be a top candidate for the role you seek. While it may not work every time, look at each
failed interview as a practice round, making you better for the next. Good luck out there!


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