P is for PSYCHOLOGICAL Impact of Your Financial Divorce.

P is for PSYCHOLOGICAL Impact of Your Financial Divorce.

psychological impact of your financial divorce

Why is it that just at the time in your life that you find yourself the most vulnerable and overwhelmed, it becomes imperative that you make the most clear headed, pivotal life decisions about your financial future. You are facing a lot of very complex decisions and you should make sure that if you need help and support, you get it!

Not sure if you need help? Be honest and ask yourself:

  • What is my ability to make these high risk complex decisions?
  • Am I able to communicate and reason about my financial choices?
  • Am I able to understand all of the ramifications that are associated with my choices and if necessary, defend them?

If you answered no to any of these questions, try to put your finger on what is preventing you from being able to process the information and make the decisions.

  • Are you in denial and just refusing to take action?
  • Are you isolating yourself possibly as a safeguard?
  • Do you feel that you do not have the appropriate knowledge to make these types of decisions?
  • Are you allowing yourself to be manipulated through emotional tactics or perhaps dependency issues?
  • Is it possible that you might be too accepting and submissive?

If any of these even remotely describe what you are feeling, it sounds like you could benefit from working with a professional counselor and financial planner.

Counseling can be a wonderful tool in helping you find your own voice and balance during this very difficult time. A financial planner can help educate you so you know exactly what your options are, which in turn will make you feel more in control of the situation. In financial planning for your future, there are always two aspects to the decision. The financial aspect can be straightforward, but the emotional aspect can be painful.  It can outweigh and overwhelm your decision making ability.

Divorce is all about change, and adapting both emotionally and financially. Be sure to recognize the need for help so you can successfully deal with the changes in your life.


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