P is for: Protect Yourself and Put “ICE” on your Mobile Device

P is for: Protect Yourself and Put “ICE” on your Mobile Device

protect yourself put ice on your mobile device

ICE was created to aid paramedics when they arrive at the scene of an accident. This acronym ICE (“in case of emergency”) is a simple way to program important names and phone numbers of those you would wish to notify should you become incapacitated or involved in a serious accident. Now, when a patient who is unconscious or unable to speak enters the emergency room, hospitals worldwide know to check their Smartphone for ICE contacts.
Simply program your mobile devices memory with the acronym ICE, followed by the names and phone numbers of those whom you wish to be notified in an emergency. Follow the instructions

  • Touch the Contact Icon to open up your Contacts.

  • Click on the plus sign + to add a new contact.

  • In the name field put “ICE” (do not put the name of your contact in this field)

  • For iPhone add your contact’s name to the “Company” name field and for android add your contact’s name to the “Last Name” field. You should also include your phone number(s), email address and relationship to you.

  • You can have multiple contacts, and number them in the order in which you would like them contacted ex. “ICE – 1 Jane Doe @ “555-555-555” and “ICE – 2 John Doe @555-555-5555”

  • In the Notes section you should list your allergies, current medications, the names and numbers of your physicians. You may also provide a link to your medical records and health care power attorney.

Hopefully this information will never be needed but in case it is, the paramedics or emergency room will have immediate access to your “in case of emergency contacts”. This can also aid paramedics with vital background information and medical history in order to increase the success of your emergency treatment.
Make sure everyone in your family has ICE programmed on their mobile device. It only takes minutes, and could save you and your loved ones from hours of distress during an emergency situation.
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