P is For Prenuptial. Is it Good or Bad for Your Marriage?

P is For Prenuptial. Is it Good or Bad for Your Marriage?

prenuptial agreement is it good or bad for your marriage

A prenuptial agreement seems so unromantic, or maybe just plain wrong. It also brings about much controversy. I love you dear, but sign this agreement, so everything is in order when we divorce.

Some say starting a marriage this way destroys the mutual trust right from the beginning. Others argue that it will help keep emotions out of the divorce, making the process more amicable.

A Prenuptial Agreement is for an individual with income or assets that they want to protect. As marital trends change, so do attitudes. The new generation is waiting longer to marry. When they do decide to settle down, they tend to bring more assets into the relationship.

This holds true for those entering into a second marriage where assets and/or debt have been accrued. A prenuptial agreement is becoming increasingly popular as a financial planning tool. According to a survey of 2,323 adults by Harris Interactive (February 2010), nearly one-third of single adults say they would ask a significant other to sign a Prenuptial Agreement.

Most Prenups deal with financial issues such as real estate, division of bank accounts and potential spousal support in the case of divorce, separation or death. This agreement should not be overlooked when planning your financial future. This is especially true if family money is involved or this is your second marriage.

Experts agree that before getting married, couples should sort through issues such as credit card debt, discrepancies in each person’s wealth and the possibility of future inheritances. Do share your lifelong dreams, but also review each other’s credit reports and deal with any issues immediately.

A Prenuptial Agreement can’t protect you from marital heartbreak, but it can help protect your assets. Talk to your financial advisor and attorney and see if a Prenup is a tool for you to consider before entering into your marriage.

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