O is for Opportunity in our Life – Even in Divorce

O is for Opportunity in our Life – Even in Divorce

opportunity  in our lives even in divorce


What do you think about opportunities?

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  ― Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

We are continually presented with OPPORTUNITIES throughout our lives and these OPPORTUNITIES come in many shapes and forms. When new OPPORTUNITIES present themselves, we must choose to open the door and take advantage of them.

Sometimes when everything around us seems to be falling apart, it is hard to see the silver lining of a situation. Whether it be a volatile stock market or a failing marriage, is there OPPORTUNITY here for positive change or growth?

I am “accused” frequently of being too optimistic. However, I have found that things usually work out for the best most of the time and in the long run. As we continue to experience both loss and gains in our investments, we become frustrated and hesitant to pursue the possibility for an upside surprise.

The same is true when we find our marriage is failing. We tend to see only the negatives, when what we need to concentrate on is a brighter and better future. We need to remember the old saying that “when one door closes another will open.”

The volatility of the market is likely to persist until we gain some certainty in the sustainability of the world’s economic growth. When there is indiscriminate selling in the stock market, it drives down prices of all companies. But, this also allows us the OPPORTUNITY to invest in companies or alternatives with upside value. It forces us to assess our ability to handle risk and reevaluate our long term objectives.

Is there an OPPORTUNITY to find a silver lining when going through a divorce? Think about this: if you weren’t happy in the relationship, don’t you owe it to yourself the OPPORTUNITY to find happiness? What you may find is that you end up a more confident and happy person. Someone who is closer to friends, family and advisors, people you now know you can count on.

This is the perfect time to seize the moment and take advantage of each and every potentially positive OPPORTUNITY that comes your way.

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