O is for Overcoming Financial Procrastination

O is for Overcoming Financial Procrastination

overcoming financial procrastination

This is why being proactive with our finances today makes more sense than letting the voice of procrastination control our finances of tomorrow. The good news is we control our mind, it’s not always easy, but it can be done. We don’t have to let the voice of procrastination cause us to delay investing and making important financial decisions now rather than later.

In order to overcome procrastination, let’s look at some of the root causes and possible solutions.


Avoid being overwhelmed, list your task in order of importance and begin to tackle them in order of priority. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate when you can. Be sure to list enjoyable activities too.

Eliminate perfectionism

Needing to get each job done perfectly will add to delays and stress. However, an “almost perfect” completed job is better than a job delayed.

Reduce Stress

When we are stressed and anxious our work and decision making becomes strained. One way to avoid stress overload is to schedule time for play. When we play, we burn off stress and enjoy life more, which in-turn helps us tackle life’s necessary tasks.

Energize your Body

When we are physically drained the simplest task can seem overwhelming. Incorporating a healthy diet and regular exercise into our daily routine will help maintain energy levels and provide the strength needed to tackle difficult task.

As we begin to “overcome” procrastination in daily life, we may find a stronger, more disciplined self. And as we feel better, we can “overcome” the procrastination that spills over into making decisions about our financial future.

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