O is for Others Opinions: Do They Really Matter?

O is for Others Opinions: Do They Really Matter?

Oftentimes, we hold a lot of weight from the opinions of others. Whether it be our family, friends, bosses, or coworkers, it is completely normal to care what others think of you. When we are working towards a goal or being our authentic selves, it is easy for others to pass judgment on what we say or do. But do their opinions of you really matter?

The answer is trickier than you may think. The bottom line is yes and no. It is important to not care what the world thinks of you, but trusted loved ones are different. Of course, you care if your parents, children, boss, or spouse thinks highly of you!

We often get into trouble when we focus on the opinions of the wrong people. The “wrong” people are more judgemental and less understanding of your personal needs. Anyone can judge anyone about anything, whether they agree with what is being done or not. It is easy to fall into the trap of judging others, and sometimes that has a lot more to do with the “judger” than the person being judged.

The right people, or the people you trust to have your best interests at heart, their opinions can, and possibly should, matter to you. And whether those opinions are positive or negative, they will have an impact on you. Sometimes their opinions could be praise, but sometimes they will challenge us to think differently or do better. This doesn’t always feel great, and this could make us think they are the wrong people. Rather than brushing them off as someone without our best interests, if we really trust them, giving their opinion a second thought may be a good idea.

At the end of the day, opinions are just opinions. And the only opinion that truly matters is YOURS. It is important to see whose opinion matters and may even benefit you. But it should be you thinking highly of yourself or challenging yourself to do better.

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