O is for Opt to Save Money on Summer Fun

O is for Opt to Save Money on Summer Fun

Summer is once again upon us, and as the temperatures rise many find their expenses rising too. Between children’s summer activities, childcare, day camps, and providing the family with a memorable vacation, your savings account may take a hit.

But consider this, the weather in all its glory can help you find lots of outdoor activities that don’t have to break the bank. So don’t let summertime expenses stress you out. Instead turn summer into a Savings Opportunity, with lots of options for fun that won’t break the bank!

Let’s explore some options for Savings and Fun:

Enjoy nature

It doesn’t have to cost a penny! You can go hiking, take a walk, sit by a lake, and watch the sunset or sunrise. All of these options can bring free fun and amazing health benefits, such as the absorption of vitamin D, which assist the body in absorbing iron, calcium, and zinc which helps our bodies maintain healthy muscle, nervous, and immune systems. Multiple activities without spending a dime, you can’t beat it!

Attend Free Fun Frequently

Check your city’s event calendar on their website to see what free attractions and activities are being offered this summer.  You might be pleasantly surprised at some fun activities you can enjoy for free.

Take a Road Trip

Explore a neighboring town and see what they have to offer. You never know what treasures you may stumble upon, or how many faces you might enjoy.

Visit a National Park

If you can get there by car, you should not miss this opportunity. Grab a tent and get away! National Parks offer incredible, awe-inspiring views, which is a must see. Check for the free entry days, usually offered during certain times throughout the year.

Plan a Star Gazing Night

Grab a blanket on a clear night and lay it down on the grass to witness the magic of the earth’s sky. Search for shooting stars and constellations. And, you may also wish to check with your local planetarium many offer a free night of stargazing.

Visit a Farmers Market

Check out all the local varieties of fruit, vegetables, and fauna. Or speak with a farmer and learn something new. Don’t forget to bring home some fresh local grown produce or flowers. They’re usually a fraction of the cost of store-bought varieties.


Visit your library or find a used bookstore and have everyone select a summer read. Get the entire family involved in setting aside a time for sharing the stories and discussing the new worlds you’ve each explored. Not only will you be creating a family bonding experience, but you may also be inspiring a love for reading!

Go on a treasure hunt

Looking to buy something you need this summer? Make it fun by taking the family to a flea market or a yard sale. Not only will you be enjoying family time, but you may find what you need at huge savings!

The options for fun without spending are endless, and the memories you will acquire will be priceless. It just takes a little planning. So get out there this summer and opt to have fun without the worries of your finances!

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