O is for Online tracking for Your Refund Checks.

O is for Online tracking for Your Refund Checks.

Getting all your ducks in a row during the divorce process is never easy. It can seem especially daunting if you’re expecting a tax return you filed jointly with your ex-partner. A new divorce and tax time together can very easily add stress to an already stressful time. And wondering where your money may be is just another layer of stress you shouldn’t have to deal with.

If you were legally married the previous calendar year, you would likely have to file your taxes jointly with your ex for this year. Since you were married and claimed as such, you two are stuck together for one more official adventure. This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing .Just something that may require a little more communication and patience.

And presumably, lots of things have changed since you were married. Therefore, so might where the IRS thinks the money should end up. Never fear, because the IRS has gone digital. You can easily track where your refund check is going online or through their new mobile app, IRS2Go. Of course, the traditional methods by phone or mail are still available too.

Why should I track my tax return?

It is important to track where your refund is going for a couple of reasons. First, you’ll both want to receive your fair share of the tax money due. If your relationship ended on bad terms and neither of you expressly communicated what should be done with the refund, now is an excellent time to approach the subject and come to an agreement.

Second, if there are errors or the refund is lost due to a change of address and/or accounts, it is essential to be on top of the situation earlier rather than later!

Regardless of what happened between you and your ex or how you decided to handle your taxes and refunds, you should always keep track of your money. It just makes good sense.

And luckily, online tools exist to help make this process easier for all of us. No matter what martial statue we occupy.


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