O is for Obligations During the Holidays

O is for Obligations During the Holidays

Obligations during the holidays can sometimes be an unwanted source of stress. Juggling the extra tasks around the holidays paired with trying to make everyone in your circle may leave you feeling miserable. And even though everyone has a different relationship with their family, friends, and workplace, being present for your obligations does matter.

Family and community are important parts of human existence. Without these connections in our lives, we can feel lonely. But leaning on our family and friends during the holidays rather than resenting the obligation to celebrate with them is more beneficial than not. Although sometimes juggling all of the holiday parties and shopping can be stressful, it is important to remember we need the love and connection of family and friends to build community and feel good around the holidays and other days too. 

Here are some helpful tips for navigating holiday obligations with ease:

Prioritize What is Important to You

Between office holiday parties, friendsgivings, and the real deal celebrations with your family your holiday calendar can fill up quickly. And maybe as much as you’d like to, you can’t be everywhere. Prioritize the parties you want to go to. Prioritize the people you’d most want to see around these times. And then schedule the rest, but only if you have the time.

Take Time for Self Care

This is something we often forget about when our lives get busy. This should be your #1 obligation to yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and drinking water. Taking care of yourself will make everything else more manageable.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries, especially for holiday obligations can feel daunting. But this is important for everyone involved to have a good time while being respectful of others. The holidays can be difficult enough, so if bringing up a certain subject or doing a certain activity might upset you, don’t be afraid to speak up. Sometimes you’d be surprised how well others respond to boundaries.

Don’t be Afraid to Give Gifts from the Heart

Another big stressor of the holidays can be gift giving. Between the time and money spent giving gifts for everyone in your life, it can be exhausting. And often we feel obligated to give gifts to certain people in our lives, perhaps our boss’s boss or our mother in law. Sometimes a gift from the heart can be the nicest thing to give. A framed picture,  fresh baked goods, or a good book can be a more thoughtful gift than something fancy or expensive.

Holiday obligations don’t have to feel like an obligation if you tread carefully. Holidays are for enjoyment and celebration with your loved ones.

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