N is for Our Net-worth is Entirely Different From Our Self-Worth

N is for Our Net-worth is Entirely Different From Our Self-Worth

 our net-worth is entirely different from our self-worth
“True abundance isn’t based on our net worth, it’s based on our self-worth.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

If you are a person who believes money will solve all your problems, think again. Just because your financial net worth may be high, it won’t necessarily improve your self-worth. High self-esteem is based on one’s self-perception and how one values their life based on abilities and moral compass. Self-esteem or self-worth is not measured through wealth or material possessions, but it’s an overall sense of well-being.

Today’s culture promotes wealth.

And this money belief influences many Americans. One’s net worth is merely all of one’s assets less their liabilities which provides a monetary value of financial worth. These are all external factors, yet many people base their self-worth on their net worth and overlook the wonderful traits that make them a unique individual.

Unfortunately, obtaining high net worth may prompt some to enact destructive money patterns. For example, some may borrow more than they can afford in efforts to achieve happiness and a better status in hopes of impressing others. Some simply wish to provide an illusion of high net-worth. This destructive pattern can lead people into debt creating anxiety and fear instead of the desired happiness they had imagined it would bring.

Yes, we all need money to provide a reasonable living situation for ourselves and our families, but our wage does not define our lives. When a culture judges a person’s self-worth on materialism and financial factors, it can have negative consequences for one’s self-esteem and mental health.

Life is far more valuable than the things we own. And fortunately, we all have the power to choose what is important to us. Learning to appreciate positive attributes in ourselves and others, and growing to know what we value and what makes us happy leads to true self-esteem.

When we choose our thoughts, we are free to find and pursue a life worthy of enormous self-worth and respect. This is displayed by honoring what makes us unique and special.

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