N is for Nurturing your Children through Divorce.

N is for Nurturing your Children through Divorce.

nurturing your children through divorce

Being aware of their pain will help you put their needs at the forefront of this emotionally charged situation. And guide them through a nurturing solution. The best way to nurture your child’s spirit is to want to do more than just getting through this time. You want to focus your attention on the well-being of your children; by creating an environment filled with love, security, sensitivity, and consideration.

First, learn how not to behave in front of your children. Don’t bad mouth, scream, slam the door or yell at your ex. You need to continually keep in mind the fact that you chose to bring your children into this world out of love. You must learn to treat your ex with kindness and respect. Believe it or not, this will help you get through the divorce process with your dignity intact. It’s easy to be angry and filled with hate when going through a divorce, but it takes a bigger and better person to positively control their actions and reactions.

You must make mindful choices when helping to make your child feel secure in knowing that all their needs will continue to be met. Comfort your child and remind them that both you and your ex-love them. It is important to convey that you and your ex-are still a parenting team. When it comes to parenting and always will put their best interest first. Also, you need to welcome and encourage the possibility of an additional set of arms to love your children.

When being aware of the love, support, and security; in which you nurture your children, you will feel you did all that you could to help them.

How you act and react during this challenging and stressful time can positively impact your children. And help them grow in love, kindness, patience, gentleness, joy and peace.

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