N is for Negotiation During Divorce

N is for Negotiation During Divorce

negotiation during divorce


Whether we want to admit it or not, negotiating is a very big part of our everyday lives. The ability to negotiate is intended to help us compromise and resolve differences and it can also help us gain an advantage.

During a divorce, negotiation is essential in satisfying the various interest of each party. The best way to approach negotiation is to first decide what is most important to YOU and top on your list. Is it money, work, family, spirituality, exercise, etc.? Remember though, more is not always better and moderation can bring fulfillment to your life as well. A balanced life and a balanced portfolio can give you much satisfaction.

Some reasons for choosing negotiation are:

  • Obtaining information about issues you are concerned about.
  • Educating both sides about a particular view.
  • Discussing emotions regarding the issues involved.
  • Changing perceptions.
  • Practicing patience—remember that timing is very important.
  • Bringing about a desired change in a relationship.
  • Developing new methods of handling problems—problem solving is a very powerful tool!

I know it can be difficult, but sometimes the best chance for success in negotiations is to take a stance for what you truly believe is right and fair and not give up.
Negotiation is an evolving process that does take time, but can be a win-win situation for both parties.

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