M is for the Many Reasons to be Grateful this Year during Thanksgiving

M is for the Many Reasons to be Grateful this Year during Thanksgiving

It goes without saying this year has been a challenge in many ways. But rather than dwelling on the negative happenings in our life, let’s try our best to look at the many reasons we have to be grateful this Thanksgiving week.

Typically, Thanksgiving week is spent traveling to visit family and preparing and planning a bountiful feast to share. And while this year may be looking a little different than years past, there are still plenty of ways to be festive, celebrate, and have gratitude! 

It’s OK to still celebrate the holiday!

Maybe you won’t be traveling across the country to see your extended family like always, but just because everyone can’t be together is no reason to cancel the celebration. If anything, it’s a reason to be more festive. So decorate to your heart’s content. Make 3 different kinds of potatoes. Dress your dogs up in turkey costumes. Do whatever you want to feel as festive as possible!

Don’t forget to be thankful for technology.

While we’re missing our family and friends that are far away, be grateful that we have so many options to connect these days! Jump on the video chat train and connect with family. Set up a simple video call, or plan a Zoom meeting with the whole family. Don’t be afraid to get creative as well! Share some recipes or watch a holiday movie together. The options for festive connections with our loved ones from afar are almost endless when using technology to connect.

Enjoy a relaxing day, rather than the bustle of your typical holiday.

Instead of feeling sad that your Thanksgiving day may be smaller and simpler than usual, try feeling happy you’re getting a break this year! Revel in the fact that you don’t need to make a separate pie for little Jimmy the picky eater, or green bean casserole and creamed corn because everyone can’t agree on which is better. Maybe get really crazy and just order a pizza! When else are we going to have an excuse to be this lazy again?!

Be grateful for what you do have.

This one goes without saying every year. Count your blessings. There may be more than you think. The abundance of food on your table, taking a walk on a beautiful fall day, the friends and family you do get to celebrate with. When you look around and have gratitude for all the things that you do have, the things that you don’t have seem much less important. 

Be grateful this Thanksgiving because there is so, so much to be thankful for!

Happy Holidays from Zuraw Financial Advisors!


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