M is for Moments Matter

M is for Moments Matter

moments matter

The best thing about memories… is making them – don’t miss out!

When you think back over the years, whether you are a teen, young adult, or entering middle age, what thoughts make you smile and feel happy? For me it’s memories, time spent with the special people in my life. Whether it’s those once in a lifetime moments like a wedding, birth, or graduation; or quiet nights at home playing board games with my family…these glorious moments fill my mind and my heart with a happiness that brings a smile to my face.
So then why have we fallen into a “face-down” way of living? Let me explain what I mean. Today it’s hard to be in public and not notice the number of people “face-down” gazing into their smartphones. I myself admit to being part of this “face-down” society.
Yet upon contemplation, and laying witness to the epidemic around me…young lovers on a date, a mom and dad at the playground with their children, or an entire extended family on vacation, more often than not are all consumed with electronics and not each other. I began to see how this may be interfering with my memories….
I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to look back, smile, or even recollect what was trending on social media. Yet many of us find ourselves checking every notice that comes through social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram… It doesn’t seem to matter that we are engaged with the physical presence of others, these notifications must be read immediately. Not so long ago, distractions while socially bonding were considered rude and offensive.
So with this in mind, I urge us all to take a moment to contemplate how in-person human interaction is essential and necessary when collecting valuable memories, and in having an emotional sense of well-being.

When we practice being fully engaged we may find a fulfilling sense of true intimacy, and the making of “moments that matter” which–will last a lifetime.
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