M is for Mente-ing

M is for Mente-ing

M is for Mente-ing.
My 88 year old father’s name is Mente, he taught me about investing and financial management all my life. He has founded and managed our family businesses and office beginning in the early 1960’s to the present. His advice to me was “use your common sense, Ann” and that saying helped form my life.
Dad is exceptional at getting to the bottom of financial issues and I learned from “the pro” how to Mente a problem. So I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the verb that I use for tackling financial matters – Mente-ing.
His primary philosophy is “You Do Not Give Up”.  We have all been exposed to financial disappointments which indicated limitations or “giving up”.

  1. The bank tells you that you cannot refinance a loan that is ridiculously high.
  2. You are charged a fee for no reason on a credit card bill or bank statement.
  3. Your water, gas, cable bill does not make sense –i.e. it is too high.
  4. Someone (perhaps your spouse, child or parent) is spending money they do not have – and you are having to pay the bill.

Whatever the issue is, Mente the problem and take responsibility for fixing it. Financial institutions, utility companies or family members are not going to call you and say— “it is time to lower your mortgage rate or fix your bill” —you need to take responsibility and not accept “NO” as the final answer. If you cannot afford to pay the bills that someone else is expecting you to pay—then say “NO” and stand up, represent yourself and Mente it!
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