M is for Manners and In-Flight Calling

M is for Manners and In-Flight Calling

Manners and In-Flight Calling

Should the Federal Communications Commission lift the22-year ban against in flight calls and cellular-data use by passengers in flight? In order to answer this question, we will need to consider how proper etiquette will come into play?
In an age of hyper-connectivity, can technology and common courtesy come together and be socially tolerable?  Technology has crept into many aspects of our lives, where do we set limits?  Should we ignore the people around us and be constantly engaged with those on our mobile devices, or is this digital rudeness?
Just imagine your next four hour trip in the air; you have settled in your seat when the “Use Your Mobile Device” light comes on followed by a boom of loud, disruptive and incessant noise. How comfortable will you be hearing a personal or heated conversation in the next seat?
In the majority of cases common courtesy will prevail, however; it only takes a few manner-less people to make it uncomfortable for the rest of us. So how do we enforce proper manners; or is this even possible? Probably not — here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

  • It is not the responsibility of other’s to deal with your mobile phone use — it is your responsibility to ensure you are not bothering another human being.

  • If you absolutely need to make an emergency phone call, go to the back of the plane or near the lavatory and always be mindful of your volume.

  • When you’re in enclosed spaces – tap don’t talk – it’s best to text.

  • Chatting on a business call may cause a breach in security practices, which can incur severe repercussions. Do not discuss confidential topics in public places.

  • Pay attention to the traveler, co-worker or family member sitting next to you, this may be an opportunity to create personal connections with those around you.

While observing the 10 foot proximity rule, in flight will not be possible; you can use your manners along with your moral compass to respect the people around you.
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