M is for Manage your Thoughts

M is for Manage your Thoughts

manage your thoughts

I went to a class last spring and the advice I got was to put a sticky note on all my bathroom mirrors that says “Choose Happiness.”

How simple is that. I still see the notes all over the house and it reminds me to choose happiness.

Can you control your thoughts and concerns about your future financial and mental health? I believe we can by being aware and making a conscious effort. Talk to yourself in a positive way.  Give yourself credit for all of the steps you are taking in managing your future. If our biggest critic is usually ourselves, why can’t we just close the door on the negativity? You have a lot of changes going on. You may begin to panic, shut down or become anxious. Do what it takes to keep yourself from slipping into a negativity mode.

Write down on a piece of paper all the positives that are going on with your life along with the negatives. Make sure your list has a lot more positives on it than negatives. Think about it and make it happen.
Always be kind to yourself. Tell yourself that you are trying hard to make a change in your life. Do something you enjoy to occupy your mind. Read a good book—read to a child, see a movie, exercise, go for a walk—whatever it takes to help manage your own thoughts. If you need help to accomplish this, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Hang around people that are going to build you up not tear you down. Ask for support from friends, family members or coworkers. They can let you know if they notice you starting to head into a downward spiral.

Make it YOUR Priority to Manage Your Thoughts.

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