M is for Make Inclusiveness a Priority

M is for Make Inclusiveness a Priority

make inclusiveness a priority

Our country has been divided of late, and that’s okay, because as Americans we have a right to our own thoughts and opinions. However, we should keep in mind that our country was founded on “inclusion” and “respect” for all. Our doors were open to every race, the poor, and the sick, regardless of creed or religion. This is part of what made us strong!

There is a shift in the air and in our country, but it doesn’t mean we need to stay divided. What our country needs now is to unite as one, work together and be the country the world looks to for hope and kindness.

We’ve been through a rough patch, but who hasn’t? Let’s remember what made us great in the first place – the unity within a team, family, community and country. When we work together, we can do amazing things! When times are tough, the best action is to have a positive attitude and a hopeful heart. Begin by treating everyone with the love and respect you would want to be treated with and believe in our future.

Whether you love people, are angry with people, or identify with a certain group who feels a certain way, stop and think about the individual. Walk a mile or two in their shoes, it may just soften your views and your heart. When we take a moment to relate to another life situation before we act on prejudice, we can begin to avoid actions that may turn to regret.

Make inclusiveness a priority in your life. Invite your new coworker to lunch, hold the door open for the mother with small children, or visit with a stranger at your child’s soccer game. We are all human, just trying to do our best in this world. Diversity and inclusion is what made America great. It gave us a safe place to contribute, to grow, to learn and to meld a world of different cultures, religions and beliefs into one beautiful nation. Don’t’ let fear and negativity destroy what we have created.

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