L is for Life Lessons and Losing Gracefully

L is for Life Lessons and Losing Gracefully

life lessons and learning to lose gracefully

I play tennis — I love playing tennis — tennis fills me with a sense of exhilaration and pleasure. The anticipation of my next tennis match fills me with joy and helps make the days I play tennis special to me.
You would think belonging to a women’s tennis team is all about fun, socializing, exercise and maybe some friendly competition. Yet, a midst the fun and joy, I have learned a whole lot more. So I’d like to share with you how tennis has shaped my life and taught me some valuable lessons.

  • I’ve learned that both loss and failure are great lessons. I’ve learned that expending negative energy – blaming yourself or accusing your opponent of wrong doing gets you nowhere. Instead I take these failures, figure out where I went wrong, observe what my opponent did differently and use this information to prepare for my next challenge.
  • I’ve learned to never give up – I go out there and give it my best. I have good days and I have bad days. I’ve learned that life isn’t always fair and there will be times a wrong call is made, but I accept that I cannot change the call. However, I do have a choice; get angry and ruin the game or accept that this happens and not let it interfere with my momentum and happiness.
  • I’ve learned from Abby Donnelly, Leadership and Legacy Coach that taking “Head Trash” from self, opponent or partner is dangerous to the game of tennis and life.
  • I’ve learned no one is great from the start; even those with special talents have to practice, practice, practice, ─ it always pays off.
  • I’ve learned tennis takes lots of discipline and endurance – this is also true of daily life. When we stay focused and keep track in our daily lives we can see the results of our labors. I only accept that I lost when I walk out the court; while playing I keep my head in the game.

What’s most important to me in Life’s Lessons on the court is, I’ve learned the “art of losing gracefully”. Life will bring many challenges and changes, we don’t always win and things don’t always go our way. I can humbly accept my defeats as they occur, and know that with the right attitude I will continue to gain insight from the experience. This in turn will help me persevere in tennis and in life.
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