L is for Life Is Not All About Luck

L is for Life Is Not All About Luck

life is not all about luck


“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity “̶ Senca

If you tend to think “only the lucky people” get the breaks – think again. Those “lucky people” most likely poured their heart and soul into their plan before taking action to go after what they desire.

Luck is the belief that events or life circumstances either comes to us or works against us. When we look at the world as a whole it’s hard not to see why one would believe this notion. After all, how do we explain why one child is born into privilege and another is born into poverty? Or one child is born healthy and another is born with a disease?

Yes, some may seem luckier than others, but what is perceived as lucky is all in the eyes of the beholder. Just because someone is born nicer looking or has better educational opportunities, doesn’t mean they will be more successful than someone who does not possess those qualities or advantages.

What many believe to be luck, in reality, is someone who is strongly motivated and takes firm actions to make toward making a difference in their lives – whether that action is monumental or very small. And typically this is done through years of hard work, practice, patience, and dedication to achieve their dreams. They also possess the willingness to fail and fail again – and to continually get back up fighting to try it again.

I believe most achievements in life are due to the work that went into the endeavor; the many hours, many failures, many efforts made to reach a goal. I think about the people I’ve admired in life. And the ones I’ve admired most are those that started from scratch and achieved greatness against all odds.

If you desire to achieve a goal, you can. Have a clear purpose – be willing to take that something you’re truly passionate about to the next level. When your heart and soul is in the outcome – the hard road ahead can become meaningful and exciting.

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