L is for Leaving Values in a Legacy

L is for Leaving Values in a Legacy

leaving value in a legacy

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” — Pericles (c.495 – 429 BC)

A legacy is an individuals’ imprint left behind to benefit future generations. Each of us will leave a legacy. Our legacies are the creation of our values, work ethic and life lessons. How we choose to live and work during our lifetime will provide the foundation for our legacy.

Creating a legacy takes an intentional formulated plan shaped with years of hard work and dedication. A legacy can be about many things such as money, security, values, life lessons, etc. Mostly though,  it’s about you and how you choose to contribute to the world during your lifetime.

In order to decide exactly what you wish to contribute to the world, begin by identifying your own core strengths. This is important in order to set the direction of your life, as well as the legacy you will leave behind. Focusing on the gifts you have to offer the world will help keep you on track throughout your journey. As you strive to be your best every day — your actions and words will inspire excellence in others.

We are the present keepers of this world. Those who came before us left us useful lessons — now it’s our turn to make valuable contributions. Let’s leave this world better than we found it for the benefit of future generations.
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