L is for Learn to Prioritize Your Health this Holiday Season

L is for Learn to Prioritize Your Health this Holiday Season

learn to prioritize you health this holiday

The holidays are an exciting time for many. There are parties with friends, family, and coworkers. The abundance of rich delicious foods and baked goods become more and more prevalent as the season goes on. And late nights drinking and socializing or shopping and wrapping gifts make the season feel even more festive. But as exciting as the holidays are, the above scenarios don’t do much to help you feel good and prioritize your health.

The holiday season can also come with a lot of downsides for your health and wellness. Unhealthy foods, alcohol, and staying up late can hurt your physical health. Stress around giving the perfect gift, spending too much money on gifts and travel, and dealing with family can all impact your mental health. The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, and prioritizing your health can help to have a happy holiday season.

Here are a few ways to prioritize your health this holiday season:

Be extra healthy on days off

Just because it is cold and dark doesn’t mean you should go into complete hibernation mode. Staying healthy and active will make the days you overeat or drink feel so impactful. Keeping a regular exercise routine throughout the season will help with your digestion and energy levels. Eat light, vegetable heavy meals the day of and the day after you indulge. Spend as much time off the couch and eating as possible. Walk around the neighborhood to view the lights. Go to a park for a family photo shoot, or go ice skating! The more time spent being active the healthier you will feel. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! It will help you sleep and digest all the delicious foods better.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries during the holiday season is going to look different for everyone. Setting whatever boundaries you need to feel good during the holidays is essential. That can look like creating a strict budget for holiday gifts. Saying no to at least one holiday party to give yourself a rest. Or talking to family members to create a plan for a peaceful gettogether. Setting boundaries can be a difficult thing. But doing so is essential to your mental health.

Take breaks if you need to

It may be inevitable to encounter stress during the holidays. And know that that is normal and OK! Taking a night off from holiday shopping after work because you are tired will give your body  a much needed rest, which will help you to combat shopping stress later on. And taking a night off from holiday fun can feel like you are missing out in the short run, but in a few days you will forget all about it, and feel better to attend the next event.

Learn to prioritize your physical and mental health throughout the holidays to have a happier holiday season. But don’t forget to keep your new habits into the year! Stress is one of the top concerns for most Americans during the holiday season. Doing all that you can to combat it is important, and the best way to do so is by prioritizing your health.


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