K is for The Key to Happiness – is it Time?

K is for The Key to Happiness – is it Time?

the key to happiness is it time?“Money buys happiness,” has long been the motto for many on this planet. However, recent studies suggest it may be “time” that promotes more happiness. A study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that people feel happier when using their money to outsource time-consuming jobs rather than a purchase that will bring them a temporary sense of joy.

It’s no wonder when Americans’ have seen increasingly long workdays cut into time spent nurturing a close relationship with their partners, family, and friends. We know that both time and money are two of our most prized resources. But many of us squander away both money and time without realizing its effect on our happiness.

Many studies have also found a weak link between the amount of money we have and our happiness levels. Economists have discovered that in spite of the steady increase in our country’s wealth our happiness levels have remained constant over the last fifty years. Yet, we continue to spend more time today than ever before chasing wealth.

Yes, we all need jobs that keep us productive, give us purpose and provide income to pay our bills and help us live a comfortable life. But to attain more happiness, we must live a balanced life.

Here are a few tips to start living a balanced life:

  • Start by buying more time, where possible and use this time wisely. Spend quality time connecting with family, loved ones and new friends.
  • Commit to a proper diet, exercise and sleep schedule.
  • Learn to say “no” this can help you avoid taking on too much and causing unnecessary stress overload.
  • Learn to work more efficiently, take advantage of tools today’s technology offers to help you reduce your job workload.
  • Make time for you whether it’s reading a book, taking a class, joining a club or taking a long walk in nature.
  • Get away from technology, for a specified time everyday and take this time to truly be with you, reflect upon yourself and what will make you happy, relax and recharged.

Remember, finding balance is key and learning to be happy working and playing may lead you to a life filled with success and happiness.

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