K is for Keeping Yourself Motivated through Seasonal Changes

K is for Keeping Yourself Motivated through Seasonal Changes

Keeping Yourself Motivated through Seasonal Changes

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. – Jim Rohn 

As the seasons change and the days grow shorter, sometimes it feels difficult to keep yourself motivated. Motivated to work, socialize, exercise, eat healthily, enjoy hobbies, or whatever else the colder months tend to shift us away from. It can sneak up on us or happen all at once. But keeping yourself motivated can make seasonal changes in our lives less drastic and more welcoming. 

The fall and winter months are meant to be sort of a slow down, a hibernation if you will. But our modern and busy lives can prevent us from being able to do so. While we can’t take a 3-month nap, like our furry friends, we can stay motivated to enjoy our normal everyday lives.  

Here are some tips to helping to stay engaged and keep motivated within your life throughout the fall and winter months: 

  • Keeping up with a similar routine year-round is key to staying motivated. Routines can help keep us grounded in our hectic lives. Establish a habit you enjoy, one that can be flexible during seasonal changes. Such as making time to visit family around the holidays or favoring outdoor exercise. Keep in mind outdoor activity can be weather dependent, so factor this into your routine. The key is a routine that can flow gracefully from season to season.  
  • Engage fully in seasonal activities. Sure, you may prefer a cold drink on the beach, but a day skiing down a snowy mountain is just as enjoyable! Rather than being upset about the things you can’t do right now, be present at the moment and enjoy the things you can do and often don’t.  
  • Stay healthy. Knowing what keeps your body and mind happy and healthy, primarily through the winter months, is essential to keeping yourself motivated. How can you be a go-getter if you aren’t feeling well! Stay hydrated, focus on fresh, seasonal foods, and get moving daily. Remember that the little things count! Especially if you aren’t too hard on yourself, you’ll see how you’ll naturally start to feel better and be motivated! 
  • Know when to slow down. Some days, when it gets dark shortly after 5, and by 8 pm, you’re ready for bed with a pile of dishes and laundry before your full day of work tomorrow, know that it’s OK to listen to your body and go to sleep. If you don’t listen to cues like this, you can become more susceptible to seasonal illnesses. Make sure to balance between work, chores, family, and social engagements. While it’s good to stay active, make sure it is the right amount of activity for you! 

Winters can seem long, and it can feel comfortable to slip out of your daily routines. Keeping yourself motivated can be difficult, but with a little patience and perseverance with yourself, it can be easy to succeed! 

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