K is for Keeping the Faith

K is for Keeping the Faith

keeping the faith

My Dad has told me all my life to “Keep the Faith”.  To be honest, I never completely understood what he meant.  Keep the faith in what?  Did he mean in myself, my family, my abilities, my spiritual beliefs, the stock market, my decisions, or a tennis match?  Maybe not knowing what you should keep the faith in is exactly the point.  By not being specific, you can use this advice as a daily mantra in all aspects of your life.

Today it is very common to hear negative comments such as, “I am never going to be able to afford to retire, I will never be able to send my children to college and I will never be able to save enough for my future.”  Negativity breeds negativity, but faith can absolutely bring about positive change.  This has been proven both in life situations and the market.

When faith in our financial system collapses, stocks, bonds and other securities can lose value.  This also happens in our personal life when we reach a cross road such as divorce.  We start to question and doubt our actions when what we need to do is hold on to our convictions and stay steady and strong.  Divorce shakes your feeling of stability but you can and do recover just as the market recovers.

The solution to the economic and a life crisis may be as simple as the words given to me as a child “Keep the Faith”.  My Dad is now 87 and still advocating this ideology, I can always hear his voice in the background of my mind. So I am sharing his advice with you, please remember to “Keep the Faith.”
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