J is for your Job and Aptitude Testing

J is for your Job and Aptitude Testing

job and aptitude testing

Johnston O’Connor Testing – Is it Right for you?

Many companies give potential hires an aptitude test.

This test has long been used to help companies screen potential job applicants. As it helps reduce the number of applicants that move to a more thorough screening process. It allows companies to make a better-informed decision when choosing the best possible candidate to fit the job.

Aptitudes are innate talents and abilities that allow us to do or learn certain kinds of tasks easily and quickly. Aptitudes have little to do with intelligence, culture, education or even interests.

Interest can change throughout life. Yet our natural abilities remain fairly stable through life. The Johnston O’Connor Research Foundation is a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization. that has provided aptitude testing since 1922. Learn more here.

The aptitude testing at Johnston O’Connor is a tool that may help provide individuals discover their natural talents and assist them in making better decisions about their educational and career choices. And hopefully, lead them to more satisfying life choices.

Knowing what you’re innately good at will help you rule out occupations that may cause work or school to be more difficult for you. Instead, you can seek out work or education that uses your aptitudes. Also to help you to become satisfied and successful in a well-chosen career path.

If you think an aptitude test is right for you, check out the Johnston O’Connor Research Website for more information.

Answers from A to Z

“The individual who knows his own aptitudes, and their relative strengths, chooses more intelligently among the world’s host of opportunities.” ― Johnson O’Connor


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