J is for Just Do It!

J is for Just Do It!

just do it!

You only live once. While scrimping and saving everything possible can be beneficial, there are times when it can be just as beneficial to let go and just do what makes you happy. In our fast-paced world, people put a lot of stress on jobs and productivity. In efforts to save and prepare for the future, we have lost sight of things that can truly make us happy. While it is important to be responsible with money there is no reason to be deprived of some joys in life.

Many save their vacation days “just in case”. Depriving yourself of much-needed time off is as beneficial as saving. You are saving your health and your mental health by having a little “R and R”. Take that trip to the ocean, the mountains, or even Hawaii, and do it this year not next. Saving up for an iPad or a new luxury toy? Don’t wait. If you’ve been neglecting yourself from fun purchases, eventually you’ll get sick of saving and fall prey to impulse buying.

As long as you are financially stable when you decide to do so, splurging isn’t the worst thing you can do. Here are some helpful hints to reassure this.

  •  Plan ahead. Make sure the nicer car or expensive electronics are really what you want.

  • Do your research. Just because you want to splurge doesn’t mean you can pretend your bank account is infinite. Shop around for deals, search for online discounts and coupons, and look into off-season travel for reduced flights and hotels.

  • Get your loved ones involved. Sharing always makes things better. See if your friends or family want to collaborate on vacation house sharing. It will be cheaper and more fun.

Life can be stressful and not spending the time and money to enjoy it every once in a while can lead to stress and unhappiness. As long as you are sensible with monetary limits, splurging on yourself every now and then can keep you healthy and happy. So live within reasonable limits and Just Do It. Spend a little cash on you; you’ve earned the treat.


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