J is for Juicing for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

J is for Juicing for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

juicing for health, wealth and happiness

Say what you will about juicing – it’s too trendy, it’s not healthy to only drink juice, your body isn’t getting all the fiber it needs, etc. – but here at ZURAW FINANCIAL ADVISORS we are big fans of OUR version of the juice craze.

Rather than leaping onto the bandwagon, we’ve taken a tiny hop into the world of juicing. We opted for a NutriBullet rather than a traditional juicers, and “juice”, as we like to call it, for breakfast as we all arrive at the office. It’s a great meal replacement, or as a supplement with a light breakfast. We use an array of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, and take turns making the drinks. It has given us a sense of comradery with each other on matter other than work.

Although juicing isn’t for everyone, having a healthy lifestyle should be. Here are some tips on how to be healthy, wealthy, and happy!

Incorporate at least one nutritious juice full of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

One glass can pack almost a full day’s supply of vitamins and nutrients, leaving you feeling sharp and energized. Also more often than not, starting the day with a healthy choice leads to other healthy choices during the day.

Unhappy employees outnumber happy employees by two to one, according to Gallup.

Being happy at works leads to higher productivity and a more enjoyable life. Collaborating on a lifestyle change in the office creates a sense of community and helps employees support one another in reaching personal goals.

While juicing can be expensive, making healthy choices can be on the money saving side.

Rather than spending money on a high calorie latte and muffin, preparing a refreshing smoothie at the office saves money and time. Those who tend to make healthy choices for food also tend to make cost efficient choices in other areas of their lives.

Juicing at home or the office is more cost efficient than buying an on the go drink at health food stores

Where drinks can be expensive. Buying hearty, long lasting fruits and vegetables in bulk saves time and money. Reserve the more expensive fruits such as pomegranates for special occasion.

While juicing may not be a direct cause of wealth or happiness for everyone, it sets the stage for positive and healthy lifestyle changes. Making just one positive change in your life can prompt you to achieve more of your basic goals. Feeling healthier can create a good attitude in other areas of your life.

Happy Juicing!


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