I is for Invest, Invest and Keep on Investing in You!

I is for Invest, Invest and Keep on Investing in You!

invest, invest and keep on investing in you!
Photo of the young girl at mountain top

I don’t know about you… but upon reflection, I find that my early years were spent investing in many things other than myself.

There was the career, the husband, the kids, our home and our pet; just to name a few.  After all this was expected, right?

As women we are all too eager to nurture and please others. And there is even a certain amount of expected sacrifice, the knowing that we can’t put ourselves first. But there comes a pivotal moment when as women, we may need to raise our awareness of what we deserve. When we learn how to self-nurture and create a healthy balance between taking care of others and taking care of our own best interest, our energies begin to benefit us as well as those who depend on us.

After all we are our most valuable asset. Within each of us lies a wide variety of knowledge, talent, skill, experience and wisdom. By taking stock in our unique combination of attributes, we can discover our best selves and begin building a life around those strengths.

We all have the ability and the right to invest in ourselves…our dreams and desires. So ask yourself…What do you dream about and how will you begin to take steps toward your own personal investments?

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