I is for “I Say, You Say” Couples Learning to Compromise

I is for “I Say, You Say” Couples Learning to Compromise

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Being part of a committed couple, or partnership, takes a lot of work and compromise. Most would agree that being on the same page in life is one of the top priorities for a lasting relationship.

Unfortunately, a lot of couples don’t think past becoming empty nesters or retirement, and if they do, their goals are usually vague. And what’s even more unfortunate, most couples have never talked about their individual desires past the point of retirement.
Say you want to travel abroad, far and wide, and your partner wants to stay put. Or suppose one of you wants to work for a nonprofit organization, and the other wants to plant a garden.

How can you build your futures together if you both want separate things? Luckily, we have composed a list of helpful hints for getting you and your partner back on the same page.

  • Sit down individually and write a list of your values and dreams for the rest of your life. Be as specific and clear as possible holding nothing back. Get your partner to do the same thing. Compare lists and see what overlaps and what doesn’t. Keep an open mind; see what may sound good to you although you may have never considered it.

  • Have an honest conversation with your partner about your values and goals; listen to theirs, and come up with a compromise that will make both of you happy. Maybe there is a great traveling nonprofit organization, or maybe your partner will agree to travel with you six months out of the year. You may find ways to overlap and negotiate both of your desires.

  • Talk to a financial planner you both trust. A good financial planner can help you have those hard conversations about how you plan your retirements, as well as where the money needs to go for security. They can help you be clear and realistic in your goals.

While tackling the hard topics are never easy in a long-term partnership, being open, honest, and willing to compromise will help you achieve your goals faster with more happiness.

Remember that you’ve worked hard for this time in your life, and it’s time to let go and enjoy yourselves, together. Don’t lose sight of the most important aspect of spending the rest of your life with someone, and everything will fall into place, exactly as it should.

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