H is for How Prepared Are You for the Unexpected?

H is for How Prepared Are You for the Unexpected?

H is for How Prepared Are You for the Unexpected?


Jane Doe married her husband at 27. Her husband’s job required that they travel and live in different locations throughout several states. Jane Doe and her husband took care of their health. They were not worried because they had saved and planned for their future. Jane and her husband had prepared. They had a strategic financial plan in place and thought they had another 15 years to meet their goals.

One day something happened that would change their lives forever.

Her husband suffered a devastating stroke. He spent three months in the hospital receiving care and rehabilitation. Then, her insurance company told her they would no longer pay for his hospital rehabilitation. He wasn’t progressing as much as they would like, and for his care, a nursing home was the best option.  The health care company considered him to be a “custodial care patient” and he would not be covered for long-term care. The insurance company would only cover 50% of prescription drugs because the nursing home was “out of network.”  His monthly care expenses exceeded $6,500 per month.

Over the next 13 ½ years, the out-of-pocket health care expenses, amounted to well over $1 million dollars. Jane Doe’s husband passed away when she was 53 years old. Even though she had been prepared for the worst, it didn’t matter. She now needed to rebuild her own financial future starting from scratch.

What they did right as a couple was have these items in place:

  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Each other’s Power of Attorney
  • Up-to-date wills
  • Health Care Power of Attorneys
  • Excellent financial advisor, CPA, and lawyer
  • A financial plan in place
  • Aggressive savers throughout the years

What they could have done to be better prepared…

  • Purchased Long Term Care Insurance
  • Examined their health care insurance policy more closely and ask the “what if?” questions
  • Purchased additional life insurance
  • And most importantly — planned better for the unexpected!

The illustration represented in this presentation is not indicative of all client experiences. Each client has unique circumstances. These are examples and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of future performance or success.


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