H is for Holiday Shopping Trends 2022

H is for Holiday Shopping Trends 2022

Holiday shopping trends vary from year to year, but 2022 seems to be more varied than usual.
As life returns to normal, there are still some lingering pandemic effects that will affect how we
shop for gifts this year. The two biggest trends are inflation and online shopping through social

Inflation is set to affect everyone this holiday season, regardless of income or employment
status. According to money.com, most shoppers plan to spend roughly the same amount on
gifts as last year but expect to buy fewer items. But this comes as no surprise, and many
shoppers are prepared for this.

Social media and online shopping have taken over as the dominant way to purchase gifts this
year. Of course, online shopping has always been popular and more convenient, but new ways
to buy goods through social media have taken this ease to the next level. With a few clicks, you
can go from seeing an ad on Instagram or TikTok to having the product arrive on your doorstep.
This trend is especially popular with Gen Z and Millennials, but Boomers and Gen X are not
shunning this trend either. 

As you plan your holiday shopping this year, keep these two trends in mind. Online purchases
tend to be popular because bigger retailers often save the consumer money. But perhaps this
year, we should look at quality rather than quantity. See if your favorite local business has an
online shop and place an order through them! Or get in the holiday spirit with some friends and
family and go on a shopping trip together. This can also help you determine what your loved
ones may want for the holidays rather than getting them something that could end up in a landfill
in a few years. You may opt for an experience such as a concert or exercise class. Or opt for
something they would actually use, like a new kitchen appliance or gear that allows them to
continue enjoying their hobbies.

As always, holiday shopping can be a stressful time. And while the holiday shopping trends this
year seem on opposite ends of the stress spectrum, don’t forget what the meaning of the
holidays is all about – spending quality time with your loved ones! And use these holiday trends
in your favor to give some gifts that keep on giving!


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